Dr. Whitnee D. Boyd

Whitnee is a native Arkansan who now resides in Fort Worth, Texas. She works in higher education and operates a consultancy firm. She enjoys traveling, time with her people, and quality relationships. Her southern roots and being raised by a father who is a pastor and mother who is an educator shape who she is. She is hoping this experience will provide her a space to be empowered to be vulnerable, share her journey to owning her Black womanhood, focusing on her wellness, and laughing from a deep place. Whitnee's passion and commitment to her faith, community, values, witty ways, and love for people exude throughout the podcast.

Paulette Williams

Paulette is a mum and social entrepreneur, who grew up in a Caribbean family in north London. She works full time in higher education alongside running the organisation she founded - ‘Leading Routes’, to improve equity and outcomes in education for marginalised groups, particularly Black students. Paulette is hoping to share, listen and laugh with other Black women who are living through life's triumphs and challenges, and to help create a space where it's enough to show up as our authentic selves. After becoming a mum during the pandemic, she's looking forward to finding herself again as she creates an abundant life for her and her daughter.