Ep. 10 | Black Women and Health -


Ep. 9 | Black Women and Money: Figuring It Out

This episode dives into how Whitnee and Paulette view money and wealth based on their upbringing and life's experiences.

Ep. 8 | Black Women Living Cozy: Navigating Careers with Confidence

Corporate and branding guru, Ebony Wyatt, joins us to share her perspective and inspire us all on how to OWN our brand from a place of wellness and leaning on your support system.

Ep. 7 | Black Women See the World : Passport Stamps and Solo Travel

Black women are embracing travel and owning this world through the travel movement. Join Paulette and Whitnee as we talk to our friend, Abisola, the queen of solo travel.

Ep. 6 | Black Women and the 90's: Let’s Go Back…Way Back (Part 1)

The 90’s was a time. What’s your favorite Black tv shows and films from the 90’s from the US and the UK? Tune in to hear Paulette and Whitnee chat about their favorites.

Ep. 5 | Black Women Deserve: That Soft Life

Black women deserve all the things and more. Listen in while Paulette and Whitnee discuss "that soft life"

Ep. 4 | Black Women Owning It: I am the Talent

It's officially time to welcome our friends over! Welcome to our friends Syreeta and Teresia.

You my friend are not a 4 for $4. The price is the price.

Ep. 3 | Black Women and Vulnerability: Take Me As I Am

Listen in as we dive into what vulnerability means to us and explore the wonders of who we are and desire to be.

Ep. 2 | Black Women Across the Globe: The Queen Invited Me

This month we begin the conversation about Black history, culture and identity in the US and UK

Ep. 1 | Black Women: Tea, Naps, & Vibes

This World is Ours was birthed from a place of empowerment, vulnerability, and the lived experiences of two Black women across the globe. Meet the co-hosts!